Wednesday, 6 May 2015

REVIEW of Paradise City by CJ DUGGAN

I received a copy of this from the publishers via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Lexie is a 17 yr-old living in a rural town called Red Hill, Austrailia.  Life is boring and she dreams of leaving and finding something more exciting.

To her amazement her parents break the news that Lexie will be heading to Paradise City where she will live with her relatives, this is exciting news for Lexie, she loves the idea of spending time with her cousin Amanda.  Lexie been home schooled so is even more excited to learn she will be attending Paradise High.  I could almost feel her excitement, from the writing of the author.

Arriving at Paradise City Lexie is faced with the facts that her cousin Amanda is not very friendly towards her but she is determined to enjoy her time there regardless.

New school, new beginnings, Lexie decides to make the most of everything this place has to offer, there are plenty things to catch her eye.  Good looking boys with bad boy reputations, sexy surfer dudes, and Lexie cannot help but notice them.

Living a secluded quiet life, it is no wonder Lexie is on a high, everything is exciting and she means to make the most of everything, including bar hopping and getting into trouble,  she also discovers she has a strong attraction to one of the bad boys.

I enjoyed this story but be warned there is a cliffhanger, which means we will be excited to read the next part.