Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My Review of Rocco (part of Fallen Angel series) by Tracie Podger

Rocco is a novella, part of the Fallen Angel series of books, and Rocco compliments the other novella Evelyn. I would definitely say read Evelyn first before reading Rocco, as its about both of them, in Evelyn she tells her story, and in Rocco he is telling his. Both are connected but reading them in order is going to make your enjoyment much better. Ok onto the book, I am a big fan of the Author, I read the first book in her Fallen Angel series, and promptly bought each and every other one of them available at that time. Evelyn came a little later as a novella and it is terrific, she is one of the "relevant" characters in each of the Fallen Angel books, she nurtered the main characters, protected and advised them, but mostly she loved them. It was only natural that she got to tell her amazing story. It was during her story we hear about Rocco, and their relationship, how they met, and what happened. Well now Rocco is telling us his side of the story, but with twists, things from his perspective, his life before he met Evelyn, during his time with Evelyn, he has many interesting things to say, and I felt I could totally understand why Evelyn fell for him. He loved Evelyn, truly loved her, but of course Evelyn was such an awesome woman with a wealth of love to give, it was understandable why he fell for her too. Once again the Author delivers with such finesse, her books are truly fabulous. I hope you take the time to read the other books in the Fallen Angel series because each and every one are awesome.

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