Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Review of The Everyday Space Traveller by Jason Klassi

Gazing up at the stars is something I think most of us have done more than a few times.  Dreamed of going to the Moon, wondered what it would be like, and curious to know if us humans are the only form of life in the universe.

Well, this book answered many questions for me, it was beautifully written, extremely informative, filled with amazing pictures that make you hold your breath.  The book details space travel but not imaginary real travel, how the astronauts trained themselves to use simple things like the toilet.  Yes the toilet, remember gravity? well there is none in space, this was discussed and many more questions that probably plenty of us have wondered about.

I loved the part where a true astronaut, Buzz Aldrin commented, made it even more real to me after I saw that!!

I was highly delighted to read this book, I do not think I will ever forget the wonderful way the author described everything!!!