Thursday, 2 July 2015

Review of Susanna Screaming by Carolyn Weston

I received a copy of this book from the  Publishers via NetGalley.

Brash Books make another awesome story come back to life by republishing an excellent book.  Susanna Screaming was actually the book that inspired the TV series The Streets of San Francisco, which itself tells you how awesome the book is.

When a man is mowed down and killed, and the cops have two witnesses to the event, it seems cut and dried, that they will get the perpetrator of the crime.  The detectives in charge of the investigation are Krugg who is the elder detective who is suspicious of everyone and Kellog who is more open and trusting,   The first witness Paul Rees is an ex-con recently paroled, and due to his mistruths Krugg decides he is the no. 1 suspect, basically because he is an ex-con and the deceased was body wrapped in counterfeit money, making Krugg believe that he is somehow part of a counterfeit gang.  The other witness is a female named Susanna Roche, and before long Rees and Roche are meeting up, Rees knows he saw a female at the time of the offense happening.

Paul Reese and Susanna Roche end up getting intimate which is pretty normal, except she ends up dead pretty soon after.

I will not give anymore away because I want you to read this terrific book yourself, it is still a marvelous read!!