Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Review of Thrive, part 3 of The Twisted Series by Rebecca Sherwin

This part of the twisted series is about Cut-throat Curtis Mason and Skye (the Skillet) Jones

Thrive is part 3 of the Twisted Series

This is another emotional roller-coaster, you will be up and down reading the story of these two and their broken lives, how they found each other, how they separated and how the come back together again.

It has a raw passion, absolute frenzied sex, painful at times, heartfelt at others.  The author has a magic touch taking you through a bombardment of feelings, one minute you will be smiling, next you will be crying.  There is tragedy in the stories, and how the author described every detail was mindblowing, I felt like I had been put through a wringer and hung out to dry!!

Do not think this is a dark story, it is a story that could happen to you or me, it has just been written so splendidly that you cannot help but be choked up with emotions throughout the book.  Tissues at the ready? Ok, now you can begin to read this amazing story!!!

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