Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Review of FROM DUST a novel by FREYA BARKER

If I could give this 10 stars I would.

I was  given a copy of this book by the author prior to publication in exchange for an honest review. I am under no obligation to give anything but an honest review.

 I can honestly say after finishing the story that I feel  honoured to have been given the chance to read such an awesome book.

The story begins with Sydney (Syd) who is  living in a disused hut behind a pub called the Skipper which does offer her some shelter from the elements, but she is emaciated and has to stoop to foraging in their bins for food.   Syd is alone, all because of a tragedy that struck and forced her to leave everything behind her, to help her forget the pain and the suffering.

One one of Syd's scavenging trips into the Skippers bins, she hears a voice pleading to her "please don't", little did she realise at that moment in  time the voice she heard would have such an impact on how her life would change from that moment on.

Omg I cried so hard reading the first few pages, the writer pulls you deep into an emotional void, you cannot help but care, pity, hope and pray that Syd gets a better life.

I really am reluctant to divulge anything about this book it is too precious and you really do have to read it, no amount of words could describe how this story made me feel, I think this is one I will remember forever, absolutely freaking awesome is not even close to how I felt about it.