Friday, 31 July 2015


I thought I would read this with a view to entertaining my grandchildren but of course I had to read it first so I was aware of the content and which of my grandkids it would be best suited for dependent on their ages etc. Well, I need not have worried as this will entertain from the small to the tall so to speak.

I absolutely laughed a lot through this story, it was exactly the kind of book I would have loved to have read to my own children years ago, there was so much fun in the story, some awesome drawings, and some fabulous names that kids will adore like the evil Dr. Ooodleboodledoo, I can just imagine the younger ones trying to get their tongues around that. I loved that the dog was called Dad, and the awesome monkeys, omg I fell about the chair laughing at those.

This will have the whole family in stitches, there are so many comical things going on it was a pure pleasure to read, and I can still conjure up a fit of the giggles as I write this review, remembering the story.