Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Review of Revival book 2 in the Twisted Series by Rebecca Sherwin

After reading Survival, I could not wait to read this book. I was blown away with book 1, and this was no different.

This told the story of Curtis Cut-throat Mason, of the terrors he held within, the love he felt for Skye, the day to day terror he lived with stemming from years before, he was an angry man, a man with a self-destruct button. The only thing that made him feel anything was Skye, she gave him calm, she gave him purpose, she gave him love.

Cut-throat had guilt that he carried around for years, he had hatred he also carried around, how does he deal with it? Can he survive? Can he become whole again? Is there any way this man can thrive? Well I lie to you not, this series has so far blown me apart, it is one of those twisted tales, that everyone involved plays a part, you get your heart ripped out, you get angry, you cry, you laugh, it is truly mindblowing.

There are plots and subplots and each of them have a solid purpose in these stories, you cannot fail to love the 3 books in this series, there is enough grip to superglue you to the kindle from book 1 through to book 3. Tissues ready? Ok, feel free to read on.

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