Sunday, 23 August 2015

Review: Awake

Awake Awake by Natasha Preston
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The beginning of the story is a little off-putting, (but don't let that put you off reading it) friends who are a bit OTT with their teenage comments which are a bit childish, new lad in town ends up being the source of Scarlett's attention after just meeting him. He was from the start off a bit of a nosey person so it triggered my brain into thinking this boy is up to something and something not going to be very nice.

This was one of those reads that after you ignore the niggles you get it does keep you enthralled, Scarlett Garner is the main character, a teenager who has no memory of her life prior to her being the age of four. This is something she finds hard to deal with. This part of the story irked me slightly because I really do not think most people remember things before that age, I know if I ask my kids do you remember we did this for your 3rd birthday party I get a blank look as if I am raving mad. So I think the Author would have been better just stating "her early childhood" but other than that and a few youthful type errors on the part of Scarlett, her friend and Noah the new boy, I found the rest of the story extremely interesting.

After a horrific car crash Scarlett starts to remember things, things that terrify her, and also endanger her life. Her parents have hidden things from her and she needs to find out what happened to her, but perhaps she will not be so happy when she does.

This ended up as a really story, I was sitting with the hair on the back of my neck stood up at times, it is an eerie spooky read, heartbreaking, but also there is romance thrown in (a bit of teenage lusting) to keep the book from scaring the pants off people. The Author has a great knack of keeping the readers interested, twists and turns, unexpected happenings and enough scary bits to keep us on our toes. I absolutely loved reading this book which I received a copy of in return for an honest review via the Author/Publisher and NetGalley, so I really have to thank them for allowing me the chance to read such an exciting story, but I had to be honest hence the first paragraph being a bit negative!!

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