Sunday, 23 August 2015

Review: Pieces of Death

Pieces of Death Pieces of Death by Jack Lynch
My rating: 5 stars

I absolutely love Jack Lynch novels, and Peter Bragg is one of my favourite Private Investigators. This is a terrific story, with enough twists and turns to spin your head.

What happens when a group of guys confiscate something during the war and share it out, little souvenirs that they think are worthless? Plenty happens, especially when those said souvenirs are found to be worth millions. Bragg is hired to meet one of the associates, and witnesses him being gunned down, even his response at shooting back does not prevent the death of the man he was meeting. Bragg soon finds himself embroiled in something big, something he is capable of dealing with of course but nothing is about to be smooth and plain sailing. There are more deaths, plenty leads to track down.

Really riveting read, I am so grateful to Brash Books for allowing me the honor of reading this in exchange for an honest review. Give me a crime book and I am in my element but give me one of Jack Lynch's and I am ecstatic, as his work is splendid, it is great that Brash are re-releasing them all!

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