Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Review: Blind Spot

Blind Spot Blind Spot by Tom Kakonis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What the heck do you do when you fall asleep watching a show in the planetarium only to wake up and find your son Jeff has vanished. Of course, you seek help from the police, but if that fails you have no choice but to search for your son yourself. This is the basis of this story, but it is a fast action based story which will keep you gripped all the way through.

Marshall Quinn has taken his son watch the show in the planetarium while his wife Lori does some shopping, the aftermath of the kidnapping leaves Lori Quinn a total wreck like most mothers would be, virtually unable to function which leaves it down to Marshall to find the boy as he gets little or no help from the authorities. This becomes a really taught thriller, I was almost falling off the edge of my seat willing Marshall to find the boy, which as very well educated professor he is more than capable of doing, and as being far from rich he cannot afford to hire people to search for his son, leaving him the main person doing all the detective work he can in order to find where his son is being held.

Marshall is not really equipped for detective work, but his son is missing and he has to pull out every ounce of energy he has and concentrate on finding him, he has to pit his wits against the unknown whilst still dealing with the shock of his son Jeff being gone. It is every parent's worst nightmare, but this father is doing all he can to put his family back together and return his son to him and his wife.

I absolutely have to say this is an amazing read, I was in awe of the Author's ability to bring this story right into my heart, I felt what they felt, I really felt like I was there urging Marshall on, it tore at my heart too. I think this is a fabulous well written, realistic story.

I have to thank Brash Books and NetGalley for allowing me the chance to read this in return for an honest review, I am under no obligation to give anything other than my honest opinion and that is what I have done, this great story

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