Sunday, 2 August 2015

Review: The Bones Below

The Bones Below The Bones Below by Barbara MCMIKLE
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this story, gripping, from start to end.

Victoria loves her daughter, Brianna, like any mother she wants nothing more than to protect her, but protecting her from her own father means she has to flee and become a fugitive. Life on the run will not be easy for anyone let alone a mother with an 8-year-old deaf child.

Ending up back where she group up, Victoria bumps into an old friend from school, who lets her look after an old house free of charge in return for acting as caretaker. The house is an old house, a house with history, a house that the little girl fears from, she immediately senses something is wrong there and tries to warn her mother, but she dismisses it as creaky floorboards that they will get used to. Brianna is such a sweet endearing child you cannot help but love her, your heart will melt at times for her and at others will break for her.

The book title gives a clue, it is definitely a bit of a spooky book, full of shocks and surprises, it has you almost weeping at times, and smiling at others. The Author truly did a terrific job with this book and I for one absolutely loved it.

There is plenty going on to keep your attention the whole way through the book, the spooky parts are spooky, they make your hair stand on end, this really is a splendid read.

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