Friday, 21 August 2015

Review of Reckless Surrender by R.C. Martin

This is a nice long book, plenty of story going on to keep you enthralled, I particularly loved Daphne and Trevor, both with troubled pasts. Daphne found herself in a tricky situation which caused her parents abandon her and being religious and attending church regularly she turned to the church for help, but she was shunned by the congregation and she left the church and it seemed she left god too. Nursing her heartbreak she cuts herself off from her beliefs she ends up believing she is worthless. Trevor has had trauma in his life, he lost his grandmother and his brother and there are parts of that he cannot forgive himself for, so he too is another broken soul.

They have a bunch of great friends, and they both love each other as great friends. They don’t deserve love or to be loved in their own eyes, so how can their friends fix that?  Well. some devious plans are put in place and Daphne’s brother Roman is involved in part of the plot along with Logan her very best friend. Logan talks him into plotting to put Daphne and Trevor together as a couple rather than as friends. This is really a terrific story, very sweet at times, I loved how the characters all interacted, how realistic they were and how great their friendships were.

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