Monday, 3 August 2015

Review: Crossed Series Box Set

Crossed Series Box Set Crossed Series Box Set by Lacey Silks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

crossed - book 1

This is an exciting story, of love, trauma, of a family torn apart, a daughter who is estranged from them because of their shady dealings.

Friendships are powerful. The main character is Grace, she took her mother's maiden name in order to keep her family ties behind her, she hates the way they are, their criminal activity is abhorrent to her. Ten years she has avoided contact with them. Making a life apart from them, she has made some powerfully strong friendships, they are true friends who care for each other.

All of a sudden this super hot guy arrives in her life, he is brought to her hair salon by her friend Emma, he looks like something that just fell out of prehistoric times, like a caveman, and he appears to be traumatised in some state of shock. After helping him shower, he seems to come out of his trance-like condition and she soon finds that Hunter is strong and powerful, and their sexual chemistry is on a high from the first meeting. The same day he lands in her life, her saloon is robbed, vandalised, the staff traumatised, and she was held at gunpoint. The problem was she knew the perpetrator, it was her brother Scar! Why did he do this? Why was he trying to harm her Hunter would protect her as best he could, but first he has to explain things to her. Will she be willing to accept his help?

This is a great start to a series, which is actually finished, it is nice to read a series that you can get the next book immediately, you are not likely to pass the chance to read the next instalment either because this is an exciting start, it is full of action, exciting, intriguing, and the sex is hot and steamy.

The Author really draws out the characters. Grace being a bit of a lost cause with men, she gets attached easily only to find the guys are pieces of crap, she has started to realise that she must stop trying to find "the one", because she seems to always find the wrong kind of guy. Hunter is different, she didn't find him, he found her, he sought her out, she was party to the case he was involved in, he knew her family connections and he wanted to put her siblings in prison. All of this makes for an entertaining time, how will Grace react?

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