Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Review: Salvation and Secrets by L.A. COTTON

Salvation and Secrets Salvation and Secrets by L.A. Cotton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We met Ana in Loyalty and Lies book 1 of the Chastity Falls series, Ana was left broken after an accident, then she met Jackson at Chastity Falls, and they fell for each other, he saved her, but things went wrong and Jackson had no choice but to call off the romance to keep her safe.

In this the 2nd book in the series, Jackson realises Ana means everything to him, he is devastated to see her falling back to her old ways of being in the shadows, being invisible to everyone. Ana is totally heartbroken, she adored Jackson and he stopped her from the pain she carried around in her heart after the accident. But, she also knows she is not safe, Jackson's best friend/brother (a family he grew up with) is not a nice guy, and he hurt Ana in order to keep Jackson in the family, he threatened her safety. We meet a lot of great characters in these books, and I really loved Paul (he had a thing for Ana), but Ana could only be his friend, and what a friend to her he was. I really felt proud of Paul, he was a really fantastic guy.

Jackson had to protect her but after much soul searching he finally decided it was Ana who meant the most to him, and he chooses her. This, of course, puts both of them in danger. They have to be extra careful, watching their backs at all times.

This is a great story, it explores the dangers of gangs, college rivalry, drugs and there is some strong violence, even murder has been touched on. This is a series that keeps you pinned to the seat, nothing can make you want to get up, you have to keep reading. I am now pushing ahead and reading the next in this fantastic series Tribulations and Truth book 3.

I received a copy of this series in return for an honest review.

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