Saturday, 8 August 2015

Review: Thirteen

Thirteen Thirteen by Shannon L. Peel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, this book really hooked me, typical 13-year-old who rebels at most things especially his mother! He hates the fact that his dad has left and blames his mother, it is all her fault. Jack Sullivan thinks his mother is too strict, her rules suck big time, she always wants to spoil his fun. Typical of a boy his age, he just wants to have fun and hang with his friends, but his mother seems to always interfere, he just does not realise she is caring for him and loving him like a mother should, perhaps over-protective at times but she does have his safety as her main priority.

This story is aimed at teenagers, but to be honest I did not find that made it "too childish" for an adult to read like some teen stories do. I actually was really impressed with the Author's ability to make it enjoyable even for adults. I loved how Jack was a bit of a jack the lad at times, and at others a totally kind and caring boy, who thought of others before himself.

The story is set in Canada, and it soon becomes clear that a grounding from his mother is nothing at all compared to the things that are about to happen. People are used to having freedom and coming and going as they pleased but what happens when that is suddenly halted, invaded by another Country's soldiers and you are a prisoner in your own home, limited food, no utilities, no tv, no radio, no LAPTOP omg how does a child survive this? Jack and his mother set out to make sure they do survive, they follow the orders given to them, but they also do things they are not allowed to do even though they know the punishment would be horrific.

An absolutely lovely story, the characters are so believable. It is action packed and I really enjoyed it, in fact, I even forgot that it was a teen story I was more in awe of how Jack handled the situations thrown at him.

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